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Geraldine Mcloughlin

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I have studied fine art, printing and textiles but of all the mediums I have worked with glass has captured my imagination. Having completed many glass courses over the past few years including master classes and a mentorship I now have my own studio where I design kiln formed glass. This type of glass covers many styles from jewellery to wall panels and cast pieces. Additions of metals, wood and stone can be incorporated into designs furthering the scope of a finished piece. Depending on the design, paints or glass powders may also be included to create a truly individual art work. Once fused or cast, some pieces need to be cold worked with tools such as saws, sanders, drills and polishers to achieve the final result.

Each piece I do is a one off, and the end result will depend on the following – the glass used, the variation in colour, pattern and texture of the glass, the kiln temperature and length of firing, plus any additions needed to complete a design. Firing can take from one day to a few weeks depending on the size and design of the piece. If cold working is involved this will add extra time.

My panels are built up according to a design, and may take many firings until complete. For cast sculptures I make my own images from clay or wax then a plaster mix is used to make the mould. Sometimes I may collaborate with artists from other disciplines to achieve a finished piece.

Inspiration comes from everything around me and I am acutely aware of everyday changes either in nature or the human condition. I also have a medical background and this has sparked some embryonic ideas which are still in the developmental stage.