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Designed and made from my studio in Wilton, with locally sourced yarn from a small holding in the New Forest these gloves are made with a domestic machine and finished by hand. Gotland sheep produce soft, warm wool in three colours – three natural shades of grey.  The shade in the photos is the darkest shade whilst the lightest shade is considerably light. This innovative type of fingerless glove are a completely unique design which have been popular with family, friends and acquaintances. The Ingrids have been enjoyed more locally by people of all ages for their modern aesthetic qualities as well as their practicality. They are still a new product and I believe could do extremely well.  So I feel I have designed a new classic.   Suitable for men and women, they come in three different sizes (small medium and large).   Ideal as a gift, for what I like to call – Spiritual Health Day. Accessories to go with them are coming soon…



Ingrid Walker