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Megan Cheetham

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Hi, my name is Megan Cheetham. I live and work in the historical and beautiful city of Salisbury. My interest in art has found its centre around the architecture and archaeologically rich landscape around our family home. Either sketching in situ or working at larger pictures in my studio at the bottom of the garden, I use a range of mediums in the work, from a dip pen and ink, through water colours to a mixture of acrylic mediums and collage. The pictures are a confident portrayal of light and the life of this vibrant city, giving a modern feel to its olde world charm.

I exhibit with the Plain Arts artists of Salisbury and enjoy passing on my knowledge at the junior school were I work part time as a teaching assistant. The buildings walls have add-ons as a result. In 2016 I also saw myself picked as a wildcard on Sky Arts Landscape artist of the year the experience was a unique opportunity to meet with other artists and create a picture under time constraints not normally felt, I’ll keep applying because it really is a singular event and even though the picture I created wasn’t in a traditional medium, I think it shows the beauty of the place.

If you are interested in my work, please get in touch via the contacts page on my website and we can discuss further options.

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