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Nick Andrew studied Art and Graphic Design in Oxford, London and Cheltenham. He moved to Wiltshire after graduating in 1979. Since then he has been working as a painter and has exhibited widely, throughout the UK, mainland Europe, and the USA. He has work in many public and private collections. His home and studio are in part of a watermill on the upper reaches of the River Wylye in South Wiltshire. For the past 20 years, much of Nick’s work has been based on the landscape within walking distance. He describes his work as follows:

“I’m drawn to quiet, intimate, secluded places within my immediate landscape and, in particular, a three- mile stretch of the River Wylye close to where I live, along with adjacent water meadows and nearby woodland. I walk here often observing changes from day to day and season to season, painting, drawing, taking photos and making notes. I find it constantly compelling and am attracted in particular by the abstract qualities in the landscape: patterns in the river flow, multi- layering and reflectivity; also the textures, contrasts and depths in the forest and the movement, rhythms and colours of field grasses and plant life. I would like to think that I convey through my paintings the sense of quietness and ‘solitary involvement’ with this landscape.”

 From January 2016, Nick embarked on a separate project: ‘Sticks in the Smoke’: drawing and researching London green spaces every week, writing a blog: and working towards an exhibition in London in 2018.

 Nick also works as an art tutor and lecturer, running courses and workshops throughout the south- west. In 2001 he founded the Wylye Valley Art Trail, a biennial open studios event in South Wiltshire, which he co-ordinated until 2013.

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