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Salisbury Paint Off 2013 6These are the typical instructions available to all artists who apply to take part in the Paint Off events. 


10.30am : Artists sign in and set up.
11am to 4pm: Make your masterpiece.
4pm to 5pm: Let your work dry and see what everyone else has made.
5pm to 6pm: Final clear up

Entry Fees:
Adults £10
Children £5
Plain Arts Members £8

Each artist will have access to:
A small (12”x 9”) or large (24”x 18”) canvas. (Extra canvases can be bought on the day). Acrylic paints, brushes, charcoal, pastels and palettes and cleaning materials.
There will be tables and seats to work at.
Please feel free to bring your own preferred materials, easels, chairs etc.

We highly recommend that you bring:
Newspapers or a painting sheet  Please do not start painting until your area is adequately covered.
Masking tape to secure newspaper / painting sheets.
Jars / plastic bottles for water.
A palette or clean plate for mixing paints.
Kitchen Roll or sponges for spillages.
Small stool, fold-up chair or a blanket / cushion especially if you’re sitting on the stone floor or step! There will be some benches and chairs available.

Paint Off is essentially an outdoor event which means you will be at the mercy of the prevailing weather, so do come prepared

Live music has always been an integral part of each Paint Off event. If you know of anyone who would like to perform ( for free!) do let us know

The Auction
Any artist who has taken part has the option of entering their work into the auction (run by a professional auctioneer). The auction usually takes place a few days later, so do look out for the in formation given on the day. We normally give 50% of the bids to the artists and 50% to a local charity

All works entered into the auction must have a clear label on the back with:
Artist’s name.
Title of work.

If you prefer to set a reserve (minimum selling price) on your work please add this to your label.

This is a great opportunity to support some of Salisbury artists and to own a piece of work you watched being made.