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After a year on the Cambridge Illustration Course, I gained a BA (hons) in Graphic Design (Illustration) at Exeter College of Art, where I initially specialised in Photography encouraged by my tutor, a well-known landscape photographer, later moving on to focus on book illustration and Literary Etching.

All subject matter appeals to me, from Cityscapes and Landscapes to commissioned portraits of animals and people working in Watercolour, Acrylic, Oils, Charcoal, and Conte, as well as Pen and Wash. I studied Chinese Brush Painting for two years which sometimes influences my choice of materials. A photograph is often a starting point for a painting or drawing as a constellation of a moment framed with my mind’s eye…

Having a love of study, I have also gained a BA(hons) in Humanities with Literature. Novels and poetry have often inspired me to draw (and write). I also do Astrology charts and have an ongoing fascination with researching energy and how it works through planetary constellations.

As an illustrator I have been published by ‘Cassells’ (Blandford Press), and recently illustrated a children’s book about a cat in New York. I also do Cartoons and Logo design using Adobe Illustrator. I have exhibited at the Edwin Young Gallery in Salisbury.