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Terry Kemp is a self taught artist who has never been without a pencil and brush in his hand. After a modest success in selling his art in London where he worked, he moved with his family to Wiltshire to live and work by and on the Kennet and Avon Canal. This gave him the opportunity of living and working in the environment and countryside that inspires him.

Working by day on the waterway, firstly as a Canalman then as a Manager, he in his spare time, painted, produced cartoons, ran a successful canal souvenir business with his wife, painted pub signs, and painted canal boats.

Now living on the edge of Salisbury Plain and semi retired he can be found painting and also producing individual ceramic pieces and ceramic clocks having now added a potters wheel to his pencil and brush.

Terry says ‘The big skies of Salisbury Plain and the abundance of wildlife that enjoy its environment are an inspiration. Wiltshire hares are a favourite subject. From my sketch books of hare drawings my paintings and sculptures are developed. I always do hope that the special individual characters of these animals come through and give everyone the same pleasure they gave me in portraying them.’

If you see a bald headed bearded fellow with clay all over his artists smock, paint down his finger nails and a pencil behind his ear ask him if his name is Terry.

Terry can be found at [e-mail address cloaked] and also at [e-mail address cloaked]