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76B St Marks Avenue Salisbury  SP1 3DW
t: 01722 331239
e: http:// [e-mail address cloaked]

mob: 07769 308778


Will Richardson is an intuitive sculptor with no formal training in art or sculpture.  However, he has always been aware of the beauty of nature and organic form.

The human figure has been one of the most enduring and universal subjects in the visual arts.  It is no coincidence, therefore, that Will’s works are mainly figurative.  However, even his non-representational works tend to emphasise organic shapes.

His underlying inspiration is to stimulate the imagination.  Hence, much of his work, whilst clearly figurative, leave unrevealed elements for the viewer to imagine.

Much of Will’s work is in alabaster, since this stone, with its sensuous translucency, allows the light within it to modify the character of the sculptures and to bring an essential, additional dimension to the sculpted image.  Furthermore, alabaster is inherently tactile, adding yet a further dimension to his works.