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The next submission deadline for 'Artist of the Month' is July 20th

Our June 'Artist Of The Month' is:
C h r i s  L o c k 

Burcombex2Life in lockdown has given me the opportunity to spend time gathering new material for my portfolio of local landscape images, and – unsurprisingly – being out on the downs at 5.00am presents few challenges when it comes to social distancing! I was delighted to be selected as this month’s Artist of the Month and the chosen photograph, taken just after sunrise in mid-June on the downs above Burcombe, was one of a series of images recording the changing light and weather conditions. Dawn is my favourite time for photography and, once the initial challenge of getting up before 4.00am is overcome, the rewards of soft early morning light can be magical. Of course, there are many occasions when the weather and the light don’t oblige, and the visualised image fails to appear, but this particular morning was not one of those. 

The mist creates a unique atmosphere, concealing elements of the landscape and revealing others, turning hills into islands and hiding the valleys. But moments like these are fleeting. Within a few minutes of taking these photographs the mist had thickened and the view was completely hidden. In terms of technicalities, these photographs were taken with a Canon 5D digital SLR and a tripod, at aperture f/14 and a shutter speed of 1/10 second, with a neutral density graduated filter to balance the brightness of the sky.
Images Copyright Chris Lock 2020